Patient Testimonials

  • MK - I caught my biggest tuna ever after Dr Shepard took care of me !!!!

    RB - Professional Fighter

  • RB - Professional Fighter

    Dr Shep - Won my first fight back after surgery this past Saturday in the first round, thank you for fixing my knee to get me back in the cage so quickly! I really appreciate you Doc!!!! Hope all is well with you.

    RB - Professional Fighter

  • MB - ACL Surgery in 35 year old runner

    Hi Dr Shepard! I just wanted to let you know that I completed the LA Marathon yesterday about one and a half years post op. Thank you and the team for making this possible. Incredibly thankful to be back doing the things I love with my strong new ACL!

    MB - ACL Surgery in 35 year old runner

  • AE - ACL Surgery in College Softball Player.

    Hello Dr Shepard. Hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for your skilled work on AE, to get her back to playing softball. It's crazy how she is dominating as the top hitter in the league after sitting out an entire year with her ACL injury. We are thankful that she is healthy and back playing the game she loves. Thank you so much for taking care of her.

  • Microfracture Knee Surgery in 11 year old leads eventually to UCLA Cross Country

    Hi Dr. Shepard,

    Hope all is well! Just an update on our daughter – microfracture knee surgery 9 years ago! She is now a sophomore at UCLA, here are her latest athletic pics. She is doing fantastic, studying to be a genetic counselor. Last year wasn’t the ideal year to be a freshman in college – especially in Los Angeles – but she made the best of it and was still able to run a bunch of races. Her KNEE is still 150% perfect thanks to you.

    Thank you! I will never forget you and what you did for our daughter!

    Microfracture Knee Surgery in 11 year old leads eventually to UCLA Cross Country

  • Elbow Surgery Patient

    Dr. Shepard,

    I wanted to thank you for taking good care of me through surgery and recovery. Your bedside manner and attitude toward my recovery is warm and caring. I am on the mend and feel great and I’m confident I’ll be stronger than before.

    A heartfelt thank you. 🙏🙏

  • TD - From UCL tear at age 13 to College Baseball Scholarship

    Hello there. I hope all is wonderful with you and your family. I wanted to send you this because you are one of the primary reasons T was able to attain this goal. Thank you for believing in these young athletes and for offering resources for their recoveries. I have an essay T wrote when he was in 3rd grade about his dream to play college baseball. It makes my heart happy to witness his dream come true. Prp was a game changer for him. If you ever need him to offer any kind of testimonial please let us know. Thank you again !!!

  • Todd Norman - Profession Strength Coach posts on twitter

    Pre Game Pic with Dr Michael Shepard, Servite HS team doc and one of the greatest surgeons and people I know. I'm grateful for him putting my son's knee back together, but I do hope we beat his team tonight.

    Todd Norman - Profession Strength Coach posts on twitter

  • Elbow Surgery - Baseball Pitcher

    Dr Shepard. Aloha! Please accept this small token of appreciation from our Ohana. It is just a small miracle you gave our son and our family. From news of not being able to ever throw a baseball in Dec to pitching again this summer up in California in July, it is truly an astonishing gift. Thank you Dr Shepard for your care and expertise.

    Elbow Surgery - Baseball Pitcher  Elbow Surgery - Baseball Pitcher

    Mahalo and Forever Gratitude

  • ACL Surgery - College Softball

    Thank you so much for all being so kind to me through this process. Being around a whole staff that genuinely cared about my progression back from surgery was truly a blessing. You all have shaped my experience in a way that makes me grateful for meeting such wonderful people instead of wanting to take it all back. Feeling strong and truly blessed!!!!!

  • Not the way I wanted my junior year to end but God has a plan and I have faith in it. Just a little bump in the road but I’ll come back better and stronger! Thanks to Dr. Shepard for getting me right and to everyone for all the prayers and support. Now time to get better baby!!

    Tomm John Patient

    Tommy John
  • Biceps tendon reconstruction / Elbow Surgery patient

    Dr Shepard

    Thank you so much for expediting my diagnosis and surgery…as you know time was of the essence. You are as an outstanding surgeon as you are kind and down to earth. You and Juli make a great team. I had a great fishing trip with my new elbow. You have to admit – not too shabby for a mere spin cast fisherman.

    Thank you

  • ACL patient

    Dr Shepard

    We wanted to express our gratitude for all your support with working with our son since his injury last August. We prayed for the right doctor and someone who could help him both physically and emotionally. God did bless us and we cannot express how truly grateful we are that you helped him through this challenging time. Thank you for being an amazing doctor and such a kind man.

    Much appreciation and Love

  • ACL patient

    Dr Shepard

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see our injured athlete. We could not have asked for better and felt right at home in your care.

    Thank you

  • Hiking Injury

    Dr Shepard

    Thank you so much for finding the answer to my ankle problems. My normal orthopedist here spends 5 minutes max – reviews my xrays and gives me a shot each time I go. Im so grateful for your explanation, arranging for my mri, and staying late to explain it to me. You are a true advocate for your patients. May our lord bless you very much.

  • Knee Arthritis

    Dr Shepard and Juli

    I cannot express enough my gratitude for your efforts and trying to figure out what was wrong with my knee. I am so excited about being pain free. You both are so kind and caring and a blessing to all your patients.

  • Knee Dislocation

    Dr Shepard

    I wanted to send you a note and tell you thank you. We really appreciate you getting us in so quickly and treating us so well. Our son has made significant gains in his range of motion. He is working on his stability and strength. Again thank you for taking such great care of us.We hope to not be back, but should we have any more injuries then we will back to see you. Wishing you and your staff all the best.

  • ACL Tear

    I'm skiing! Thank you Dr. Shepard and team. You’re the best!

    Love you guys,

    L D
  • Ruben Salinas DPT, Physical Therapist

    I have had the pleasure of assisting Dr. Shepard with the care of his patients since I opened my practice in 2004. Over the years I have come to realize how truly exceptional he is with the care of his patients. The patients consistently speak about his caring and professional attitude. The outcomes following the surgical procedures he performs consistently produce excellent outcomes. He is also a big advocate of physical therapy and conservative treatment before opting for surgery. Over the years he has been very approachable and never hesitates to communicate with me about the care of his patients. I never hesitate to recommend him to my patients or any individual looking for care in his area of expertise. He is a highly skilled surgeon and a true professional who I genuinely respect.

    Ruben Salinas, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS
  • Shoulder Injury and Knee Reconstruction Patient

    Dr Shepard

    On June 28th we dropped our daughter off at Annapolis for the grueling six weeks of Plebe Summer and I worried everyday that we would get a call saying she was injured.  The summer was tough, but she did it!  She participated in all physical activities, including endurance courses, rock climbing walls and jumped off the 10 meter platform. 

    Shoulder Injury and Knee Reconstruction Patient

    We saw her this past weekend at the completion of Plebe Summer and she looks tired and run down, but she is extremely happy and says despite the grueling summer and the upcoming challenging academic year she is where she wants to be.

    I want to thank you, Julie and all your staff once again for all that you did for our daughter. Your amazing surgical skills! Your sense of humor! Your encouragement! Your support! and Faith! got her to where she is and we will always be grateful.

    I attached a few--well a lot of pictures--so you can have a brief glimpse at the experience you made possible for her.

    Shoulder Injury and Knee Reconstruction Patient   Shoulder Injury and Knee Reconstruction Patient

    From personal experience I know we have to weather the challenges to truly appreciate the blessings.

    With much gratitude,

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 01:03 AM
  • High School Shoulder Surgery Lacrosse Athlete

    Hi Dr. Shepard,

    We wanted to let you know that Kevin was named Player of the Year and also received HS All-American and 1st Team All-County Honors. We are so thankful for your care of Kevin’s shoulder last fall and setting him up for success this Spring. I just don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you and your team. I’ll forward along Kevin’s highlight reel once he has it finished. Thank you again! We were talking at breakfast today about the injury and the surgery and we think it makes these honors extra sweet for Kevin and certainly not taken for granted.

    Thanks again

    By - Lisa
  • Elbow OCD lesion

    Dr. Shepard, our son had a successful sophomore season in water polo the year after his surgery. He started on the JV team and was promoted to varsity in early September. The team finished as league champs and advanced to the quarterfinals of the division 2 cif playoffs. He’s now 6'6" and 195 lbs...

    Yes, we're pretty darn happy with how things went. Thank you for everything!!!!!

    Elbow OCD lesion

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 01:03 AM
  • Shoulder Labral Repair

    Our daughter earned her water polo scholarship one year after surgery. So, amazingly grateful for the wonderful gifted surgeon that made it happen!

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 01:01 AM
  • Olivia

    When our daughter Olivia tore her ACL while playing soccer at the age of 11 it was a devastating moment for our entire family. We researched the best options and kept coming back to the procedure and technique that Dr. Shepard has performed and recommends. The results were amazing and we once again have a happy athletic daughter on our hands. Olivia has experienced no knee pain since her surgery last September and within three months of being cleared to swim competitively, she qualified for five (5) Junior Olympic individual events. Dr. Shepard's knowledge and personlized approach are second to none. His approach is the best alternative for prepubescent ACL injuries and he is very gifted when it comes to working with kids!

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 12:59 AM
  • Pediatric Knee Surgery

    Dr. Shepard

    What a bleesing you are to our family. When our daughter had to undergo knee surgery last year at age 11, all we heard were "knee horror stories" about surgeries going wrong, atrocious scarring, and lifelong knee pain. Thank goodness our good friend Christine suggested we come see you! Not only did our daughter have a flawless surgery, but she has never had one single ounce of pain in her knee since you removed the loose body and did the microfracture surgery. We cannot thank you enough! She is back to playing soccer - her team won the league championship. She just started lacrosse again and ran her fastest mile at school with a time of 6:14 last month. On top of it, her knee is blemish free, when we were told by other doctors she would probably have a 4 inch scar. There may be a tiny dot but we really have to search for it. THANK YOU. Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter. Getting her back on her feet again was the best gift anyone could have given us. And obviously she is enjoying being back in the action!

    Christmas Blessings

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 12:56 AM
  • Hi Dr. Shepard

    I want to thank you for seeing Michael yesterday, it's been a long time overdue. The day he found out what was wrong with his knee he's had one mission on his mind and that's being the player he was before his injury. I do have to say, watching him play this season he's as close as I ever thought he would be. You should be so happy about the work you did on his knee. Without your expertise Michael would not be where he is today. He received several awards this season, one being The All American Scholar Athlete Award that he received in Baltimore a few weeks ago. I was very happy to be a part of it and to celebrate his much earned efforts. As his mom I am forever grateful that you provided Michael with the possibility to play again. I can't exactly put into words but to see Michael play with the passion in his heart he had prior to his injury is what any mother would want for their child after experiencing such a traumatic event. He looked so happy.

    On a different note, also wanted to let you know my sister is back on the court. After seeing you she made huge progress and is back to playing tennis several times a week. She's so much happier playing again, thank you.

    Take care.

    By - Stefani
    27-Feb-2018 12:54 AM
  • On November 17th, 2014 – you replaced my ACL with my Patella Tendon.

    The road to recovery was tough, not just from dealing with the pain but it took a toll on my morale. I was limited on what I could do and as most active people you know, this was a big setback in our lives.

    On November 14th, 2015 – 3 days shy from exactly 1 year, I summited San Gorgonio (11,503 ft), the highest peak in Southern California which took me about 16 hours because of icy conditions. This was a big accomplishment for me. Not just physically but I am very much LIVING again.

    With that, I am grateful and thank you so much for your care (of course this includes your staff/team) – the attention to details, the personable approach, the flexible scheduling, educating me on the procedures, the words of encouragement, and of course the prayers.

    God Bless!

    Michael Shepard

    Michael Shepard

    By - Anonymous
    27-Feb-2018 12:50 AM
  • Hi Dr. Shepard!

    It's been a year since my injury, 10 mos since surgery.

    Feeling great! Hiked in Mt Evans Wilderness (Colorado) last week. 8 miles RT, 2200' elevation gain to 11,800'.

    Thank you!!! Because of you, I'm returning to my active lifestyle.

    My dog thanks you too!

    Michael Shepard

    By - P.S.
    27-Feb-2018 12:30 AM
  • Logan SweetI tore my ACL shortly before my Junior season at Santa Margarita H.S. I did not know if I would ever be able to play again and visited three doctors to discuss my injury and what I would need to do to get back on the field. I met with Dr. Shepard last and knew immediately he was the person I wanted to do my surgery and guide me back to my sport. After the injury I was very disappointed and worried, but after meeting with Dr. Shepard I felt like I had a plan and would be able to return to my sport without any restrictions. He spent a lot of time with me explaining my surgical options and learning about me as a person. The surgery went well and from that point I was on to rehab.

    Throughout the whole process, Dr. Shepard was available to answer any questions I had and really became a person I knew I could trust and count on. Six months after my surgery i was cleared to begin workouts and eventually played my senior season for Santa Margarita. In the fall I will be attending and playing football for UCLA. I never want to experience and injury like that again, but I would recommend Dr. Shepard to any athlete facing a similar injury. He's the man!

    By - Logan Sweet
    27-Feb-2018 12:28 AM
  • April MorrisI tore my right arm rotator cuff in multiple places due to an accidental fall. Dr. Shepard performed arthroscopic surgery to repair my rotator cuff. After surgery and several months of physical therapy, I now have full range of motion on my right arm. In fact, you can’t really tell which arm had the surgery, except for the small scars in the shoulder area. Less than six months post surgery, I was in rigorous training for my 200 mile bicycle ride from Seattle to Portland.

    Dr. Shepard is an excellent surgeon and has a wonderful manner about him. He thoroughly explains the MRI pictures and the procedures he will perform. Dr. Shepard takes whatever time is necessary to answer patient questions and to develop a rapport. His recommended physical therapist is top notch. Dr. Shepard’s staff is exceptional, with wonderful attitudes and a professional approach to each patient. I have recommended Dr. Shepard to friends and family.

    By - April Morris
    27-Feb-2018 12:26 AM
  • Melissa RiglerDr. Shepard performed a total of three surgeries on both of my children. My son, Ryan was a high school pitcher and had a torn labrum in his shoulder and my daughter Katelyn, a water polo player and swimmer, tore her meniscus and ACL as a result of a marital arts demonstration. Not only did my children have very positive results from the surgeries, they both developed a terrific relationship with Dr. Shepard. He took the time at our appointments to thoroughly explain the procedures as well as getting to know them personally. He gave Katie the opportunity to sit in on another surgery he was performing as a result of her interest in the medical field. His staff was attentive, always returning calls promptly, and our time in the waiting room was reasonable. I've recommended Dr. Shepard to at least three other people and have gotten positive feedback each time. Thank you so much.

    By - Melissa Rigler
    27-Feb-2018 12:22 AM
  • ACL Reconstruction, Forearm Fracture

    By - Lindsay C.
    27-Feb-2018 12:20 AM
  • Arthroscopic Labral Repair

    By - Matt G
    27-Feb-2018 12:18 AM
  • Comminuted Elbow Fracture

    By - Maureen Y.
    27-Feb-2018 12:17 AM
  • Multi-Ligamentous Knee Reconstruction

    By - Sean W.
    27-Feb-2018 12:15 AM
  • Multi-Ligamentous Knee Reconstruction

    By - Terri C.
    27-Feb-2018 12:13 AM
  • Lumbar fusion and Subacromial decompression & Mumford

    By - Ray R.
    27-Feb-2018 12:11 AM